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Publisher: Marsha Marsha
Biography #MAGA supporter #UK basketball #TrumpLandslide2020 Rebuilding after losing all!! America first and always!! Do not sit on your arse. Do something!


  1. runtime=98min
  2. Genre=Action
  3. Ride is a movie starring Shane Graham, Ludacris, and Sasha Alexander. The inspiring story of a BMX champion who overcame an abusive childhood through the love and life lessons of his interracial foster family
  4. Director=Alex Ranarivelo
  5. Casts=Ludacris


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Cab ride otira tunnel. Who's Nudge Ride in Maximum Ride. Did Sally Ride retire. Ride on cars. Upcoming bus ride. I hacked this comment so you can't like it ha! try it. Who sings slow ride. My grandfather asked “what movie is that “ he tought it was a movie. Ride jetson app. If you are new to the Mixer Family Welcome! I have seen an influx of posts recently asking about streaming settings and how to grow. The hardest part about researching is finding different tips on different websites. So I decided to put them all into one place so I can easily look over them and add/change anything that I needed. I thought about posting it online in case it can help anyone and get feed back: Streaming Tips & Setup Guide: Set up Mixer Account Put time into making a great name that can be easily remembered and don’t use over populated generic words. ***Ask yourself “If you are a viewer and all you had was 5 mins to remember a name, would you remember that name tomorrow if you wanted to? ”. Getting a profile picture "brand symbol" (again take time into making it unique, simple, and easy to see). *Keep in mind that it might be worth making something that can be easily be alerted between colors in case you need to use it in different places for different things. Ex. Putting it on different colored shirts. Start streaming. The best advice I have found that has help me the most is "Don't be afraid to be new at something! " Breaking that wall of your first stream is very important. There is a point where you can do all the research in the world but when the time comes just bit the bullet and just do it (no pun intended). It will give you a good idea what you are in for and if it is something you would enjoy. Get a microphone and a webcam. You can use a webcam or a real camera to stream. If growth is your goal you must have a microphone and some form of camera. Viewers want to have interaction and the biggest part of this is your face. Think of it as a one on one conversation between you and a person. The viewer (camera) is the other person you are having a conversation with. ***If using a Cannon DSLR camera, the usb cable that it comes with plugs right into the pc (need to download software for your pc to connect to it) and can be used as a great streaming webcam to start with. Just put the camera in video mode. Camera angle. This is VERY IMPORTANT. You need to make it eye level or above. Keep in mind not to make it too high though. You never want to make it lower than eye level because you make the viewer feel small and insignificant (the viewers don’t want to see up your nose). To high and you will make the viewer feel like they are floating above you. You want to find the middle ground. Use some movie magic to find that great angle. Experiment with it. There is a reason why all selfie photos are taken at the same angle. ***Remember if you don’t like the angle chances are the viewer wont either. Watch others stream. This is the best way to gain an idea of how to improve your stream and generate new ideas. NEVER copy anyone on what they are doing but allow them to aspire you for new ideas on how to improve your own stream. Follow and watch yourself. Starting off your streaming carrier with no followers and no live viewers is nearly impossible. Tell as many people as you can to help get you small follower/viewer base. Also use your phone or tablet to view your own stream. Mixer counts every viewer with a different Mixer account as a viewer. So you should never start a stream with 0 viewers. How often do you jump into a stream with 0 current viewers? *Just keep in mind it eats up internet to do so. Support system. *Having a support system is KEY to success on Mixer. My Wife is the best example of this. In the moments when I am burned out of streaming, she encourages me to play games with her and stream it. She knows how much passion I have for it and always pushes me to greatness. Point is get people behind you! Friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or find someone to share your passion with. I cannot tell you how many times that after she pushes me to stream I end up having the best stream I have ever had. Find someone to talk in chat. This goes with number 7. If you find someone to help back you up and they are serious as to helping you out. Ask them to be more active in chat. It will draw people in and when people are in the stream, encourage them to join in chat themselves. Which in the end helps you with being more responsive to your viewers. Lighting. Light is the best source to a better webcam image. Great lighting can improve ANY camera you are using for a webcam. Don't be afraid to be seen! *Put the light source in front of you. I came across a stream once where the streamer had a light directly behind him so all you saw was blinding light and a silhouette of a face. If it’s not pleasing to you then chances are it’s not pleasing to other viewers. Set Camera to manual mode. You cannot be a streamer if you are afraid to study and learn. Take the camera off of auto mode and learn how to better improve it by adjusting just a few things. All of this research and trial and error is part of the process on how to become one of the elites! Make sure you understand what the settings do and why they are set the way they are. F3. 5, 1/60 Shutter Speed, ISO is a great way to increase your brightness but also don’t make it to bright that it washes you out. Stream on a Schedule. This one was the hardest for me because it forced me to put the rubber to the road. I can research all day but when it comes down to being consistent I knew I wasn't the best at it. Like all things that come to streaming you have to just bit the bullet and do it. I sat my wife down and came up with a schedule that she agreed with and that we could play video games together. *Most established streamers stream every week day for around 8+ hours and take the weekends off or have bonus streams that weekend. Must Have Social Network. If you are serious about streaming then you must get on social media. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter. If no one knows you are streaming then how do you except to get viewers to show up. I would suggest use platforms that you already have a following on first and start a YouTube page for your brand first. Don't overload yourself with starting so many social media pages right off the bat. You will find it very difficult and time consuming to keep up with all of them. Easy yourself into one or two at first. Use some type of streaming software (like OBS). There are plenty of free streaming services that are out there. I have used OBS, Streamlabs, and Streamelements. These software’s do take some time to learn but are super powerful tools to increase your streaming quality and gives you so much more control over what you can do. *Don’t feel discouraged as they can seem to be overwhelming. Just keep pushing through and I promise you will figure it out. Run OBS As Admin: Right click on OBS and run as Admin will tell the computer that OBS is top priority and will give as much resources it needs first before putting them to other applications. By default running a game will take priority over OBS. Set Encoder to NVENC: Encoding to NVENC uses your graphics card (GPU) instead of your processor (CPU) to encode your stream. This is great for graphic cards that are GeForce GTX 1050 and above. What this means is your graphics card has a separate processor built in just for streaming/capturing purposes that doesn't effect game play. Every computer is different so I recommend while looking at load% of the CPU and GPU see what runs best. Use Lower Settings (OBS Settings)! Learn from my mistake!!!!!!!!!!! It will make your life so much easier to stream in 720p with 30fps. ********* BASE CANVAS MUST MATCH YOUR CURRENT GAME RESOLUTION **** I currently view my games in 1080p. That is my set base canvas. I Output to 1280x720 with 30 fps with 4500 bits. The reason for this is just because you have a computer that can output 1080p+ or internet that can handle it doesn't mean the viewers will see it in that resolution. Understand that you want you stream to be viewed by as many people as you can. The person who finds your stream with a much older phone and hardly any internet connection could turn out to be your biggest fan and it’s better to have your stream run flawlessly for everyone then great for only a select few. Later on once you are partnered you will have the ability to downgrade your stream automatically. To determine a good base bitrate for your stream you need to aim for 0. 1 bits per pixel. This also varies for each device so it just takes time and experimentation to fine tune. So start at the base and then work your way up to find what all your device can handle and choose what looks the best (WITHOUT LAG) for your stream: Bitrate can be calculated by: ResolutionX * resolutionY * fps * bpp / 1000 = bitrate For 1280x720p: 1280 * 720 * 30 * 0. 1 / 1000 = 2764. 8 bitrate Set Short Term & long Term Goals. *************** You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. ********************* So why wouldn't you? Set long term goals to give yourself the big picture of where do want to take this? Set short term goals to be stepping stones to your long term goals. If you set a goal to get partner in one year and that is the only goal you set chances are you won’t ever get there. You will lose focus and put it off until tomorrow because it seems unreachable. Year Goal: Partner. Short Term Goal is 20-50 Followers in One Month. Feel free to add weekly or even daily goals. Use Ethernet. If you’re a gamer then you should already be addicted to being hardwired into your network. If not, then you need to be addicted! Wifi is not as strong and is not as reliable. Getting an Ethernet cable to connect to your machine that is streaming. If you don't have space on your router then get a switch. When I was growing up the router was down in the basement and my room was on the top floor (3 stories). I found a 500ft Ethernet cable and made a hole that went right beside the air conduit that went straight into the basement (with my father's permission and help). Point is when there is a will there's way, be creative and come up with a solution. ***They make different cables with different speeds. If you have a 100+mbs connection speed then don't go out and buy a cable that only can handle 30mbs, you only limit yourself. Growing Your Stream Tips 1. How much time have you spent on stream while OFFLINE? *******How do you except people to spend more time watching your stream when you haven’t put in the effort either. *** You can tell really quickly who is serious about their future streaming and who is not. Every channel has an empty description section by default, the least amount you can do is fill it out. Think of it this way. You are a viewer who wants to find a new streamer for a game you want to start watching. You come across two channels. Each similar with the quality and sound of the stream. The first streamer put in hours of work and effort to make their page look awesome and well organized and maybe even has a really cool overlay. You look at the second streamer and see a simple break down to less than one paragraph that he says how he has a dream to become a full time streamer one day. Chances are you will pick the first streamer every time because you know he takes his stream more serious and won’t just quite streaming randomly. 2. About Me / Channel Set Up: Your channel description is a very important aspect of your overall look and feel to your streaming channel. This field should never be left blank but also should never be rushed in filling it out. First impressions are important and the About Me needs to peak the interest the viewers enough to continue reading but be careful not to sound desperate. Over time your channel About Me page should change and improve with adding better banner labels, better break downs, and including any information that your viewers need to know like sponsors. This is also where you let your own personality shine through. You channel About Me page can set the mood/theme to what your overall streaming channel is about so keep that in mind. ****MAKE SURE YOU VIEW YOUR OWN CHANNEL IN THE MOBILE APP TO SEE IF YOU NEED TO MAKE ANY CHANGES**** 3. Labeling your stream. Labeling your stream is one of the most important things you need to master. *****Mixer only shows a few words of the title in the scrolling page so keep that in mind. **** Viewers need valuable information that is inviting and positive to peek their interest to click on your stream. a. DON’T: i. Don’t use another streamers name in the title. Ever! (unless you are playing with that streamer) ii. Don’t put the title of the game you are playing. It is right under your title and if you do it just takes up valuable space. iii. Don't have a title that bashes the game you are currently playing. (ex. Call of Crap, I hate this game ex) No one wants to watch a person play a game they hate iv. Don't use to many acronyms, not everyone understands them and it’s hard to read v. Don't put now accepted embers. Everyone is able to be accepted into the program. It is a very exciting thing to be accepted into but honestly as a viewer no one cares. They give embers to you once you prove your worth not because it’s it in your title. vi. Don't put rank or anything saying that you are the best. It's not a good selling point. If you have to tell people you are the best chances are you’re not. Even if you are the best let your game play speak for itself and for those rare people that care, they can look on leader boards for it. You are honestly limiting yourself by boasting you are at the top of the leader boards because the majority of people don’t enjoy a show off. b. DO i. Stay positive and inviting ii. Keep it short and simple while giving the most important information iii. Most important information up front. iv. Describe what you are doing in your stream. We can see what game you are playing but what are you doing in that game? Are you playing duos or with friends? Viewers need valuable information that is inviting and positive to peek their interest to click on your stream v. Keep it up to date. If you change game modes or change games let your title reflect that change. You can do it while live. 4. ALLOW CHANGE. How can you grow yourself and channel if you don’t allow change. I first started using standard OBS, then went into Streamlabs, and now I am currently using Streamelements. Don’t ever be afraid to try something new just because you are conformable where you are. There could be better things out there and all you have to do is try them. Just keep the tools and technique that work and throw out the ones that don’t. ****This goes for every detail of your stream! Always find better ways to improve. 5. DON’T EVER Jump into someone’s stream and talk about your own stream. This also goes towards complaining to other streamers that your stream has no viewer/followers. You will not gain any followers from doing this and it just makes yourself look bad plus it destroys your current relationship with that other streamer. If they want to promote you allow them to do it on their own terms. Grow that relationship first and if you stay on honest and positive terms they might be planning on promoting you in the future when you get your stream fully set up and looking good. You spent weeks, months, years, and countless long hours building your channel and brand just to have some new streamer join your game and say “Ya I am streaming too. Or Follow me to on YouTube. ” It doesn’t gain you anything but disrespect and shows you truly are not serious about streaming because you don’t want to put in the hard work that is required. 6. Learn how to Promote Yourself. *********** You should not be thinking about self-promoting when just starting off. ********* You should perfect it way before you think about promoting it. You don’t want to lose a possible viewer/follower just because you are jumping the gun. It is critical to learn when the best time it is to promote yourself and when it is not the best time. The only real ideal time to self-promote is in a one on one setting, face to face. The rule of thumb is just do the best you can and allow people ON THEIR OWN to promote you. Other than the face to face conversation about your channel there is no real best situation to self-promote your channel. The issue is it can always come across selfish and rude and no one wants to help someone with that type of mindset. 7. HARD WORK. Let’s be real. It takes months and years to build your streaming channel. If you are serious about being a streamer there is no short cuts or cheats. It takes hard work. 8. Don’t beg for donations. ***The key is to try and find middle ground. Putting it up too soon will make you look like you are begging and just streaming to get money. To late and you might miss the opportunity for someone to show their support who may not visit your page again. ******** Don’t put your donation button first or anywhere near the top of your page. No one joins a random channel just to donate 5 dollars. If you have it up at the top it makes you look desperate and only in it for the money. You also can sign up for embers which can also take place before you put donating button up. *****Don't use your personal PayPal Account because people will be able to go to your profile and read information like address and email. Set up a "business" account (I have only read this and have not confirmed this for myself). ******** 9. Why do you stream? If you knew that you would never become a professional streamer and never make any money would you still stream? If you are streaming just to make money you need to save your time and effort and do something else. Streaming takes time and is never instant. You must endure the long grinding part of growing (sometimes alone) in order to see even a small amount of followers and viewers. If your heart is set on money you will never last this difficult phase that can happen multiple times. You need to love it no matter the outcome. 10. What Platform to use? I see this asked a lot. My question is what is your favorite platform to stream too? If that is Mixer great. If that is Twitch great. In the end it will be a very long process with you streaming and building your channel. So why stream to a platform that you don’t like. The way I see the different platform is like stocks. You don’t know what the future holds so you might as well stick to the one you like and enjoy the ride. 11. Followers are not important. Never use follow for follow. Or Lurk for Lurk. Constant viewership is. There is a reason why Shroud got paid millions to move over to Mixer. It’s not because he had 7 million followers but every time he streamed he had 30k – 50k live viewers. Do you think he would have gotten paid the same amount if he had 10 million followers but every time he went online he only averaged 5k viewers? Keep in mind the importance of continuing to grab the attention of your audience. Focus on being an entertainer and not a follower beggar. 12. Are you watching yourself? I personally need to do this more. We all have areas of ourselves that we don’t like. But we have to watch ourselves in order to understand that it is a key factor on how to improve. 13. Be an actor. There are reasons why certain actors are always a part of your favorite movies. Because they have learned and perfected to keep you entertained no matter what they are playing. They bring themselves into whatever character they play. Streaming is very similar. Would you watch an actor if he just stood there. Not interacting with the other actors and never showing any emotion? 14. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER STREAMERS. If you are comparing yourself to other streamers then you have not found yourself as being a streamer. The phrase find yourself is used at lot and at first it is hard to understand and define. You need to start streaming and build up what you want to become as a streamer. This is based on you and your personality with NOTHING else interfering. 15. What to wear when streaming. Remember that first impressions are always important and you have less than a min to gain the interest of people new to your channel. If you decide to dress as a character then make sure it is well thought of and different. I personally think that you as yourself is the best thing to use. If we look at the top streamers they all have in common that they don’t wear anything special and that you see them as themselves majority of the time. The reason for this is because you have to think about the masses. The majority of people viewing want to see a streamer that has a clear stream that makes it easy to see their reactions to the games they play. If you wear something that blocks that reaction you are limiting your viewer base. 16. Be Different. ******** Being you is simply being different ********** The statement "Be Different" can be very misleading and you hear it being used everywhere. This statement needs to happen in order for you to attract viewers and followers but not the way you think. This does NOT mean that you have to play upside down hanging from your toes while wearing a dinosaur costume in order to get new viewers to watch your stream because no one else is doing it. This doesn't even mean you have to put something on in order to attract viewers. We are ALL different. We ALL have different likes, dislikes, how we run our channel, and even how we play video games. Use your different personalities and mix it with the different way you do things to make yourself different then anyone else. 17. Think About Long Term. This is tricky because you don't want to lose yourself into thinking about the future and miss what you need to be doing now. You need to keep a small reminder in the back of your brain that is always asking. If I did have 10, 000 viewers would this work. It is best to practice great measures to help prepare for the future then to have things in place just for them to fail later on in your career.

When he grinded on the floor🥵🥵🥵🥵😍. Century claims processing for riders advantage. Do a review with that rove bag, the other one other than the turtle design. Successfully reported this slideshow. Upcoming SlideShare Loading in … 5 ×... Published on Mar 26, 2019 Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie Online Download Free 1. Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie Online Download Free Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie Free Stream Download|Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie Free Stream Hd|Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie 2. Online Free Streaming|Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie Online Free Hd|Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie Online Free Stream|Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie Online Free Download|Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie Online Streaming Free|Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie Online Streaming Hd|Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie Online Streaming Download|Devil in My Ride 2013 Movie Online Download Free LINK IN LAST PAGE TO WATCH OR DOWNLOAD MOVIE 3. Doreen is about to marry the man of her dreams, Hank, a mild-mannered guy who is equally as excited about marrying Doreen. However, Doreen's older brother, a wild man named Travis who's been estranged from her for several years, shows up to make amends, but instead he accidentally curses her. Doreen is now possessed by the devil. In Las Vegas is a homeless man known as Johnny Priest, who is the last known person to perform an exorcism in America. It's up to Travis and Hank to put aside their differences and travel from Chicago to Las Vegas to get Doreen an exorcism before it's too late and her soul is lost forever. 4. Type: Movies Genre: N/A Written By: N/A. Stars: N/A, Horror Director: Gary Michael Schultz Rating: 23. 0% Date: October 6, 2013 Duration: 1h 35m Keywords: chicago, demonic possession, road movie 5. Download Full Version Devil in My Ride 2013 Video OR Download.

All these questions they're for real Like who would you live for? Who would you die for? And would you ever kill? This song finds Tyler Joseph pondering the ride of life with thoughts of life, death, friends and what it all means in the end. He contemplates difficult philosophical questions, such as figuring out who he would live or die for. Joseph concludes by admitting that he's overthinking life and starts crying out for help. The song was released as the fifth single from Blurryface. The album is named after a character the band created and Joseph wears black paint on his hands and neck when performing, to represent the figure. He explained to Billboard magazine: Blurryface is this character that I came up with that represents a certain level of insecurity. These symbols and having a narrative give people a reason to want to take in the whole album - not just one song. The island-flavored production was supplied by Ricky Reed (Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty, Pitbull's Fireball. Eight of the songs on Blurryface, are Reed productions, including the band's first crossover hit, Fairly Local. This was the first song Reed worked on. He recalled to Billboard magazine: They flew me out to Columbus, Ohio where they're from. I remember having heard the song 'Ride' just being like enamored with it, having heard the demo, and said, That's a special song, I'd love to work with it.' So we did it over the course of a couple days in Columbus which was awesome. I mean Columbus, Ohio is a surprisingly cool city. They have a massive university, tons of stuff to do. We banged it out, the song was already written so as a producer I was able to focus all my energy on helping Tyler paint a landscape for his vision and his lyrics. We actually finished it in L.A. We rented an old Hammond B3 Leslie organ, and some other kind of old standbys from some reggae production, like a '60s, 70s reggae production and threw that on the song. We finished it up right before the album came out and it's definitely one of my favorites that we did together. Ricky Reed first met Tyler Joseph in LA. My first thought was like, This guy is really intense, but also hilarious, he recalled to ABC Radio. Twenty One Pilots flew Reed to their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. It was really the sort of first song that we bonded over, said the producer of Ride. We finished it back in LA using a lot of traditional elements of roots reggae. it's a great song. The song peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100, number one on the Hot Rock Songs, Mainstream Top 40, and Alternative Songs charts, number four on the Adult Top 40 chart and number five on the Hot Dance Airplay chart. The former ranking, coupled with Heathens positioned at number four, made Twenty One Pilots the third rock act with simultaneous top five Hot 100 singles in the chart's 58-year history, following only the Beatles and Elvis Presley, making them the first act in 47 years to achieve this is the duo's third highest ranking single to date, behind Stressed Out and Heathens. Ride has also reached the top 20 in various other countries, including Australia, Canada, Slovakia and France. As of December 2016, Ride has sold over 1.2 million copies in the US. The song appears on the soundtracks for the video games WWE 2K17 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. So thats the meaning and facts about this song From.

Bright riders school. Tomb rider. Who else noticed that when they were driving in the truck the steering wheel was on the right in the driveway on the left side of the road I wonder where they are. Who originally sang ride Sally Ride. Synopsis RIDE is a cautionary tale aimed at a technology-obsessed society. When James, a ride share driver, picks up the charismatic but manipulative Bruno, the rider talks him into picking up his previous rider Jessica, and a normal night out in LA becomes a psychological war for survival. Parental Guide Uploaded By: FREEMAN December 11, 2018 at 01:13 PM Director Tech specs Movie Reviews Reviewed by 1 / 10 Omg I want mywasted 1. 5hrs back This movie was pathetic. Slow... I gave it the chance many times through. Should have turned it off after 5 minutes. The ending completely left me wondering why I continued to watch. Seriously, there's a review by Haroot in here. Who ever they are they have no clue what a good movie is. Save your time!! Watch something else. Reviewed by DreamWonder 2 / 10 I would've kicked him out my car within minutes You had two leads who had chemistry, but some of the acting was off (and I've seen them act better, so I'm gonna say it's the script and direction at fault) and you messed it up BIG time. I wanted to like the movie because of the actors but I don't think I want this writer or director to make another movie, sorry. So many things annoyed me mainly the killer, he wasn't scary but unbelievably irritating, in real life you'd kill HIM before he could kill you!!! And going into a covered pool as the only logical hiding place.... absolutely absurd. No comprehensible motive for why he did what he did, and how was he gonna pick up James next passenger without a car?!?! I watched this for free, if I paid I would definitely get my money back. Reviewed by christopherneitz He gave him the gun The bad guy gives the good guy the gun that he was threatening them with and he doesnt shoot the bad guy but shoots listens and shots another good guy most ridiculous story fail ever and we stopped watching after. Read more IMDb reviews.

As my username implies, I’m fully aware that this does not really count as a Money Diary because I’m not responsible for any actual living expenses. However, I decided to post anyways because I know many other people my age who are fully or partially relying on their family. Plus, I was interested in documenting a week of my life and seeing how it changes in the future. I’m South Asian, so there’s a cultural reason for the support. The basic idea is they support me when I’m young/still establishing my life, and I support them when they’re older. There’s also an element of economic privilege. My family’s at a place where they can afford to support their children past the 18-years-of-life marker, and I’m very grateful for that. Section One: Assets and Debt Retirement Balance: None. Checking account balance: $1000 Savings account balance: ~$23000 (mostly leftovers from scholarship; also includes income from job held during senior year and my current job) ***Brief explanation: I received a full-ride scholarship (that was taxed as income) to college. I used the scholarship for rent/utilities, tuition, class expenses (books/access codes), personal expenses, and some groceries. My parents covered phone, health insurance, car insurance/gas for the 1 year I had a car with me, and some groceries (they buy in bulk, so I would raid the pantry every time I came home). I saved the leftover money. Student loan debt: None. See above. Credit card: Use for my own expenses and pay off in full each month from my savings account. Section Two: Income Main Job Monthly Take Home: $680-$1020 depending on how many days I am scheduled for. This is usually 2-3 days/weeks, but I am sometimes scheduled for a whole week. Section Three: Expenses Home/utilities/Wifi/cellphone/car: Parents. I will be responsible for everything (except possibly cellphone) once I start med school (I’m fully leaning into the Asian stereotype lol). Health insurance: On parents’ plan until I’m 26 Savings contribution: I transfer almost all of my paycheck into my savings account. Acorn Investment fee: $1/month Acorn Investment: $150/month + $10-15 randomly. I change my investment amount pretty randomly (it was last at $8/week). I’ve had this for almost 2 years, but I only have ~$1000 invested. I understand investment in theory, but the practice of investing and finding good investments makes little to no sense to my mind. Netflix: We all use my cousin’s account Amazon Prime: Paid for by my dad (using my brother's school email). I mainly use it to watch Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (amazing!! I don't know how well I'd fare in 1960s America, but I love the aesthetics of the show and the clippy way everyone talks) Classpass Lite: $30/month. I will change it to the $9/month plan this week. I've only had the $30 classpass for 1 month, and I quickly realized that I really only like one studio (there's not many options where I live). Donations: Until I started reading Money Diaries, I never knew people donated regularly and never considered doing so myself. One of my New Year's resolutions is to donate more. So far, I have donated $50 to The Dinner Party (grief support group) and to Crisis Text Line. Next month, I'll donate to Days for Girls and… some charity involved with education? If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I also volunteer regularly with the text line. The Diary 1/17 (Friday): 5:20: I make coffee and pack my lunch. I also pour a bowl of cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds- the best cereal ever! ) for breakfast. I get ready, which is usually just putting on sunscreen and earrings, but sometimes I add Milani's cream-to-powder foundation and TO's niacinamide+zinc. I leave by 6:00. 6:00: While I drive, I listen to Dear Girls by Ali Wong (rented through the Libby app). I like it, but it's not as funny as I thought it would be. I also mentally freak out over some asshole who tried to overtake someone on the two-lane road and narrowly avoided crashing into me head-on. I clock into work at 6:45. 7:00: I break my New Year's ban on BuzzFeed. Apparently, January 17 is the day most Americans bail on their resolutions, so I'm right on schedule. I love being on-time! 10:00: I notice the provider fixing something I inputted into the charts, and realize I've been misunderstanding what she meant. I wish she had told me! I'll remember to do it right the next time she says it. 11:30: I clock out for lunch (parathas and almonds) mom made the parathas and makes most of our food; Mother Earth made the almonds. I read old money diaries while I eat. 4:10: Clock out and head home to Ali Wong. Any audiobook recs? For some reason, most non-comedy audiobooks I've found are narrated by men with extremely deep, slow, and soothing voices. Which is great and all, but not if you're driving at 6 AM. So, I've been listening to comedians instead. 5:00: I get home. I change immediately because I'm paranoid that I’ll bringing home germs. I stare at my phone and talk to my mom. I also eat honey roasted peanuts, Brookside dark chocolate almonds (these are sooo good), and these mini-roti type things. I also drink green tea. 6:00: I was going to watch the Crisis Crossover with my brother, but apparently, he has a life and is going to meet up with friends. I don't want to watch it without him, so I take a nap. Nap is code for spend 30 minutes watching diy videos and then sleep for 2 hours. 11:30: After dinner (random curries) and showering, I spend some time looking for places to solo travel. I like the idea, but I don't have anywhere in mind and also don't want to spend much money. Maybe New Orleans?? I sleep around 12:00. Daily total: $0 1/18 (Saturday): 11:00: I oversleep both of my alarms and wake up at 11. My brain HATES mornings. If I have work/class, it wakes me up with no problem. But God forbid I want to wake up early just to experience more daytime. 2:00: Finish the Crisis Crossover while eating lunch. It was incredibly okay. Also drink a glass of cold vanilla soy milk with a spoon of instant coffee. (It's good, I promise! ) 6:00: 3 Yoga with Adriene videos done! I'm trying to get caught up to her current 30 days sequence. My ultimate yoga goal is to be able to reach my heels to the ground in downward dog and breathe properly (I can never inhale for as long as she does). 8:00: I shower and head to BJs with my mom. I pump the gas while she shops. I use their club card. 9:00: I get pulled over for the first time ever. There were so many streetlights that neither me nor my mom realized my headlights were off! I have a bad habit of turning the lights off instead of keeping them on automatic mode when I park; this will shock me out of it. Luckily, I don't get a ticket. We were talking about something important before I got pulled over, but neither of us can remember what it is. 11:00: After dinner (chana masala and chapathi), we watch a Indian movie. It only took 5 minutes to decide on the movie-- it's a Saturday movie night miracle. I sleep around 1:30. Daily Total: $0 1/19 (Sunday): 9:30: Drink green tea and eat chia seed pudding (honey, peanut butter, chocolate chips, vanilla soy milk). My new ClassPass subscription went through today (accounted for in expenses). 11:30: I'm small-chested and have been wearing sports bras and girls’ bras for 8+ years. I finally measured myself (shout-out to r/abrathatfits) and figured out my actual adult woman size. Aerie doesn't have the exact size, but they have sister sizes. They're having a sale on clearance items, so I order 7 bras in 2 different sister sizes for $92. 62. It feels odd to be buying proper bras... I hope they fit! $92. 62 12:00: I can follow recipes, but I don't have the flair for cooking and creating new dishes that my mom has. I also have no idea how to add spices to American/European recipes so that they are flavorful. So, I'm taking advantage of being at home this year to learn from my mom. Today, I make cauliflower curry and taro fry. 2:00: I drink black tea while putting books on hold on the Libby app. 4:00: I do the Fitness Marshall Speed Sweat workout. I highly recommend this channel if you don't like traditional cardio! Plus, Caleb's commentary is hilarious. I also do a YWA video and use a foam roller for about 15 minutes. 6:00: Shower, get ready, and head out to a pooja (prayer service) with my mom. I haven't been to one of these in around 1 year. I know no one there, I'm maybe only 5% religious (10% on holidays! ), and I have to volunteer tonight, so I leave in 45 minutes. 7:30: Log on to the Textline. I'm volunteering until 12. They ask that we do 4 hrs/week, and I've been trying to do a bit more. I’m aiming to reach 100 hours by the end of February! I always tell myself to log on earlier in the week, but more often than not, I end up doing it all on Sunday night. I'm not feeling too hungry, so I just heat up a black bean veggie patty for dinner in between conversations. 11:30: I log off early because my friend A. texts me saying she needs to talk to someone. We about the issue and random things until 12:40. I'm out by 2 because I decide to browse the internet instead of sleeping. Daily total (clothes+beauty): $92. 62 1/20 (Monday) 10:20: Awake. 10:50: Green tea and a peanut butter/chocolate chip protein waffle with honey. My mom bought my brother a waffle maker as a birthday present and it's the greatest thing ever. 11:20: I shower, get ready, and head out to meet my friend, V., at a mall. Our other friend, S., is running late. We walk around Barnes and Nobles, and I add many books to my booklist; my booklist grows 10 times faster than I read. We go to Panera where we meet S., but I don't get anything. We continue walking around. I buy a heavy jacket ($30) for an upcoming trip to Colorado and a sports bra ($11); both are on sale. $43. 93. 3:00: I eat lunch and watch New Girl. I cannot stop laughing; how did they film these scenes with a straight face?! 5:00: Nap for 1 hour. I'm love sleeping to begin with, but today I'm extra tired because my period started. Luckily, I don't get cramps or PMS symptoms, but the fatigue hits me hard. 7:30: I clean the waffle maker, mop, and clean the mirrors in the house. I also get in an argument with my dad. I apologize because I am totally in the wrong. I would blame my period, but I know my uterus is innocent and I'm just an asshole. 9:30: Make scrambled eggs. Eat that and chapathi/curry for dinner. I contemplate buying a Disney+ subscription. I know my brother and I will use it, but I don't want to get it if it'll just be the 2 of us. I decide against it for now. 10:30: Wash dishes and reluctantly wash the sink strainer (I'm not sure why it grosses me out so much). Then, I drink a random pack of echinacea herbal tea and watch The Commuter with my family. Out by 1 am. Daily total(clothes +beauty): $43. 93 1/21 (Tuesday) 8:40: Black tea and laundry 10:50: I finish day 1 of the Stronglifts program and use a foam roller for 5 min. My dad has a weight machine so I don't need to go to a gym. The barbell row was a bit difficult, but the squats and bench press were doable. 11:00: Head to a brunch place with my friend, M., who is moving soon. I order an avocado toast with hash browns on her recommendation. It was good but it wasn't worth the price. ( $11. 93 + $3 tip --I always get nervous giving tips at the counter; I’m not confident in my math skills, but it pull out my phone and calculate while the cashier stares at me). We also go to another mall because M. needs a wallet. I buy a clearance Rose water and Meringue ultra moisturizing lotion from Bath and Body Works ($3. 74). I had unopened bottles, but I think my mom gave them away to someone because I can’t find them. I also buy a final sale dress from Papaya ($10. 70). I forgot to bring my water bottle and am very thirsty. $29. 37 3:00: I run errands with her and we talk about careers, life, and growing up. It's a fun and interesting conversation. She tells me what a Roth IRA actually is, and I add opening one to my list of things to eventually do. 4:00: We stop by a boba place. I order a hazelnut milk tea with soy milk (I've recently developed lactose intolerance). I ask for no boba because I don't understand the appeal of chewing things when drinking, but she adds it anyway. I don't care enough to say anything. $4. 45 6:00: Home. I make tea with a Tazo Chai packet and tell my mom almost every aspect of my day while she half-watches TV. This is a tradition--I tell her about my life, and she pretends to listen. 8:00: Finish making a chickpea/lentil/quinoa stew from a vegan recipes book I have. I also shower. Tomorrow will be colder (yes, that’s Florida-colder, not actually cold-colder), and I know I’ll regret having to shower in the morning. 9:00: I eat dinner while watching bestdressed on YouTube. I was going to read, but my ebook (The Mystery of the Exploding Teeth: And Other Curiosities from the History of Medicine by Thomas Morris) automatically returned on Libby. Someone was waiting for it so I couldn't renew. 10:00: Organize my room and sort clothes while listening to Ed Sheeran's collaboration album. In bed by 11:00, but everyone keeps talking in the living room, so I stay awake until probably 11:30 or 12:00. Daily total: $33. 82-- $14. 44 clothes+beauty and $19. 38 food+drink 1/22 (Wednesday) 5:20: Black coffee (with 2 spoons of sugar) with chocolate chip and honey waffles (with lots of syrup; I prefer my waffles slightly drowned). 6:55: Clock into work. Today's drive consisted of the albums I have downloaded on my phone(Ed Sheeran’s X, Demi Lovato’s Tell Me You Love Me, and The Greatest Showman soundtrack). Ali Wong was returned to the library:( 11+ weeks until I get her back! 11:15: Clock out for a short lunch (quinoa stew and fiber one brownie) 4:20: Clock out and head home. 5:00: Honey roasted peanuts and granola bar. 6:00: Nap time 6:40: Up. I drink Tazo Chai while reading random articles. I then call my bank because I somehow forgot both my password and my ’ll send me a new pin, and then I can use it to reset my password. 7:30: I do my eyebrows using a Flawless Finish eyebrow pen. I get them threaded every 6ish weeks and maintain them in between. I also stalk Facebook friends. 10:00: Finish 2 YWA videos. Eat dinner and watch bestdressed. I remember that exactly 0 thermals or gloves. I need to get some soon so I don't freeze in Colorado. I think my mom might need them too. 11:00: Head shower (I only have to wash my hair twice/week) and talk to my niece. She's only 18 months so talking consists of annoying her by making her say the new words she's learned over and over again, and trying to teach her my name. Sleep by 12:00. Daily total: $0 1/23 (Thursday): 7:00: Wake up. Black tea and cereal for breakfast. Today's a shorter clinic day due to provider meetings. 8:40: At work. Sit in my car for 10 minutes because I'm here too early. Love driving at this time! 11:15: Lunch (same as yesterday) 2:40: Clock out. Head home to what seems like 20 Pandora ads 3:30: Home and eating a ferrero Rocher and belvita snack pack. 4:00: Head out to meet S. I mentioned my New Orleans solo trip idea, and she wanted to go there too! So we ditched the solo trip idea and decided to look at flights together. 5:00: Home. We're going to New Orleans for a day trip! I've never done anything like this before and am very excited. I’ve always loved the idea of a friends’ trip. I'll book the ticket tonight. I want to talk it over with my parents first so they’re not blindsided by the idea and also to see if they think it’s a good deal. (They know and trust S. so they're not worried about me traveling “alone”). I also eat mini-rotis. 6:30: How did the week I did this diary become the most expensive week I've ever had?! I usually spend nothing and do nothing for weeks on end. $163. 50 7:00: Call A. so she can tell me about her day. I'm never one for talking on the phone, but she is. Our conversations mostly consist of her talking and me saying "Oh, ” “Cool, ” “Huh, ” “Interesting, ” but I love them. 9:00: 1 YWA video and foam rolling. I was supposed to do strong lifts today, but decided to push it to tomorrow because I just wasn't feeling it. 10:00: Shower. Then, I talk to my parents. My mom and I make fun of my dad for being scatterbrained. Then, they make fun of me for my personality in general; I didn’t sign up for this. 11:30: Not too sure what I did, but it's now 11:30 and I'm still awake. Tomorrow's a normal work day, so time to sleep. Daily total (transport): $163. 50 1/24 (Friday): 5:20: Coffee, waffle, same routine. Drive to work to the Taylor Swift Pandora station, which only includes 1 Taylor Swift song for some reason 6:50: Get to work. 11:30: Lunch. I don't clock out because I'm working on charts throughout it. 4:30: Finally out! Drive home to the albums I have on my phone because I’m over Pandora ads. Possibly kill a squirrel? The idiot thing ran right it front of the car when I was going 50 mph, and I instinctively knew breaking would cause the van behind me to crash into me. 5:20: I don't see squirrel on my tires when I get home, so I guess it's safe (? ) I got my Aerie package so I immediately try them on. I'll return the 2 with the bigger band (~$22) and possibly 1 of the other ones ($11), but everything else fit! I'm glad I looked for adjustable straps because I had to adjust almost every one. (I’m not going to subtract the returns from my total because I know I won’t get around to returning them until next week. ) 6:00: Masala tea (using a tea packet not actual skill) and mini rotis. 7:30: Oversleep my alarm and wake up from my accidental 1. 5 hour nap. I don't like taking long naps because I feel like they're disorienting, but I guess my body was tired. 9:00: Finish Stronglifts day 2 and foam rolling. I did a 65 lbs deadlift instead because 95 lbs seemed heavy enough to be dangerous. 10:00: Shower while listening to Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away album. I used to listen to this album all the time. I guess I really loved her feminine/murderous vibe. 10:30: Watch the movie “Every Day. ” I used to read the book it was based on (Everyday by David Levithan) all the time. The movie is good, but I liked the book’s conclusion better. Daily Total: $0 Final Totals/Thoughts: Food + Drink: $19. 38 Fun / Entertainment: $0 Home + Health: $0 Clothes + Beauty: $149. 99 Transport: $163. 50 Total: $333. 37 Reflection: This week was definitely more spendy than usual due to the bras and the plane ticket. I also had more plans with friends this week than usual. I try to make an active effort to hang out with friends every month because 1) my friends are awesome and I like them, and 2) I’m a homebody, a bit of a loner, and completely content with doing nothing. So, I’m scared I’ll wake up one day when I’m 85 years old and realize I haven’t talked to anyone or left my house in 15+ years. This week, my “friend dates” just happened to occur back to back. I think most of my other activities (work, exercise, sleeping, etc) were pretty normal. I’m interested in seeing how a weekly snapshot of my life will change throughout the years.
Ride for roswell.

At first I thought those were potato chips falling from the air.

What are ride beads. Wish we could turn back time to the good old days when the comment section wasnt a calender. Ride the bus. Can goldfish ride bikes. Ride or die choices. Other accomplishmentsby sally ride. I'm fangirling that Joseph SoMo is in this video as a bad boy. <3.



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