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director: Delphine Girard

ratings: 7,9 / 10

rating: 1039 Vote

Actors: Veerle Baetens


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Une soeur Free downloadable. Une soeur free download mp3. Une soeur free download free. Une soeur free download mp3. Elle : Salut. Confusion ensues after a "kid sister" poses as the maid. comment Reviews Reviewer: ghostmadl - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 3, 2013 Subject: Loved it I think the best like was when her mom was whining about her dress being low cut "I thought if I tucked it in a little people would stop patting my head and pulling some wheeze.... " wow. :) And enjoyable hour. Kodachrome favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 4, 2010 Light entertainment This comedy is not quite a screwball comedy, but does not take itself too seriously. There are worse ways to kill 53 minutes. I like Roger Pryor and this story suits him perfectly. Judy Clark plays the part of an impetuous if dizzy young woman who stubbornly demands her way in a most polite fashion. I rate the movie with 3 stars overall and add an extra star because it is well paced, for a total of 4. nigeldavahah July 12, 2010 Has some flair I liked it picfixer favorite favorite favorite - Dialog, dialog, dialog! An entertaining quickie romantic comedy with a creepy element. A precocious teenager (Judy Clark) sets bait for her older sister's boyfriend (Roger Pryor), and lands him. Frank Jenks, as an unsuccessful house burglar, throws everything into confusion. The creepy element is the uncharismatic Pryor is too old for his role, giving this one the uncomfortable feel of a cradle-robbing. Judy Clark is appealing as the fast-talking teenage girl. However her dialog is seriously over-written, and at times a bit too worldly for her character to be believable. Nevertheless she is fun, and so is this movie. I definitely will watch it again. The print is in okay shape, but a little under three minutes are missing. CAST NOTE: Who is Judy Clark? She appeared in twenty-seven film and TV productions (many of them from PRC, and likely to be PD), yet I could find no biographical data on her. If you have any, please post it or a link to the info in the Feature Films Forum. Thanks. kareneliot June 29, 2010 Quick moving little tale I liked this one, it was fast and had a good story-line.

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Une soeur

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