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Cast=Benjamin Dane / Romance / USA / runtime=1 H, 41 minute / Description=First Lady is a movie starring Nancy Stafford, Corbin Bernsen, and Stacey Dash. A woman not married to the President runs for First Lady, but she winds up getting a better proposal than she ever expected. First Lady is a classic. Watch full length first lady songs. Watch full length first lady 2016.

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DISCLAIMER: The following is obviously 100% made up. I don't even know if this is the best LP7 idea I could come up with, nor if it is what I'd actually want if I could magically make my "perfect AM album" come true. But it is what I've daydreamed over the past couple of days, and I'd like to share it with you. If you stick with me, you might actually have fun, I promise! Here goes: ——— For the first time since Humbug, the bois are on the cover. It's a photograph, in black and white: The outside frame is made out of what is actually a grainy white wall, and then there's a window inside it, a wide rectangle at the centre of the square. It's a lighter shade of white, because of the clear sky. The four of them can be seen looking out of this window (they are on the other side from the photographer's POV, exactly opposite the camera — they are hanging on the window ledge, so you only see their upper bodies and faces): They all have sunglasses, loose, summery clothes, and are looking at different directions. The shot is taken from some distance, so their figures are not extremely prominent but still clearly visible. Matt is on the left, leaning on the windowsill, his arms crossed. He seems to look straight at the camera. He has a dark polo t-shirt, buttoned all the way up. He's not smiling, but has a bit of a smirk on his face. He feels calm and confident, ready to kick some ass; an agile beast indeed. Next to him is Nick. He is standing and has his arms out, with his palms grasping the ledge from below. He has a short-sleeved shirt with large, vertical stripes, and it fits him perfectly. Only the top button is loosened, and the collar is partly hidden by the long, curly hair. The longest hair any AM member has ever had, in fact. He looks at his upper left, and has his mouth open in a happy, somewhat surprised expression. Alex is third. He too is leaning over the windowsill, but he's bent over way more than Matt. He's looking down at his right, almost as if he had seen someone passing inside of a car down the road and was following them with his eyes. He is smoking. His face is shaved clean, his hair a bit messy. However, there's a sense of intention in that chaos. It's Everything You've Come To Expect -length with AM -level-of-care hair. He has a long-sleeve, all-white shirt, mostly unbuttoned and with the sleeves turned up. The right arm rests on the windowsill, the left one is outside, hand holding the cigarette just a couple centimeters away from the mouth. Jamie, on the far right, is almost sitting on the ledge, facing backward. His head is turned left, and he's looking at Nick (whom, yes, is looking at him). He is laughing. He has a plain, light-grey t-shirt tucked in his black jeans, and his left hand, the only visible one, is in his left pocket. His hair is a little shorter than usual, but it's clean-cut. He may have guest-starred in an episode of Peaky Blinders and just decided to go along with it. He also has the slightest hint of a beard. There's no words on the artwork. As far as the sound goes, the overall vibe is very warm, reminiscent of Suck It And See, but with a more mature and dreamy direction. Production is neat, but it doesn't get in the way. An almost jarring feeling of happiness, carelessness and general serendipity takes the place of sadness and nostalgia. If you had to condense LP7, you'd probably think of You're So Dark and Bad Habits having a baby, with sprinkles of Star Treatment 's deliberately absent structure on top — but there's room for more joyful, faster and kinda juvenile Settle For a Draw -like tracks and a comforting, relaxed confidence derived from Turner's latest Last Shadow Puppets endeavor too; and it all feels surprisingly and coherently at home. Everything else is a mix of some familiar bits and largely new sounds. You're not listening to a band that wants to take you to a hotel on the moon, and it's not a bunch of young folks jamming in a British pub either. It's a band that's very much aware of its status, and is playing in the open atop a Hollywood hill with no invitees at the venue. People will come nonetheless. And if they don't, who cares. They're having a blast. Bass and drums are a constant all through the album, but you can clearly hear how experimental, psychedelic, unconstructed, almost unexpected guitars are front and center here. Turner plays in almost every track. Songs are a bit longer than usual and there's loads of instrumental breaks scattered throughout. Sometimes you get the feeling that they're just jamming, that they don't really know where they're going with it but are okay to keep on playing because it just sounds good. It's a well-oiled machine set on autopilot. Turner sings and croons a tad less than he did in Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino, but every word hits you as a knuckleduster punch on the nose. In fact, Knuckleduster Lullaby, the sixth track on the record, closes side-A at a whopping 5. 41 minutes. It's a long track, with its 2-minute instrumental outro made just to make you feel dizzy. If you wanted to hear some piano, Up The Irenic Rivulet has you covered. If Puppets-esque arches are more of your thing, Like A Moonlit Billow might make you shed the tears you had been holding in since you heard Pattern the first time. If you need a reminder of why Alex Turner is the coolest frontman on the planet, wait 'til you watch AM perform A Moment of Unbridled Ambition on stage. Everything else is mostly empowering, rich-in-sound music, the kind you'll want to sing along to both in the shower and at their upcoming gigs. In short, the biggest trick LP7 pulls off is to make you think that the music comes out of the blue, whereas there's actually a lot of care and attention. It's a bit like how the best technology just disappears in the background: You don't really notice it, but it works. And then the ability to fish out moments from various places in their discography while also delivering something new in both structure and overall sound. After a while you'll know it: If it sounds louder, wilder or just crazier, it's probably LP7. They are not saying "no" to themselves, and they are not sorry. So, what is the album about? Well, it's not simple. It's almost as if The Bourne Identity had given birth to 12 children via parthenogenesis. They are where they are and they've become what they've become. They have stopped caring about the process because the transformation is complete. The struggle of The Ultracheese is now part of the past — that much is clear. They are in their mid-30s: Mature but young, experienced yet still energetic. And this is their life now. They are ok with it and are just going to have fun. So the question is, "What now? ". As far as the lyrics go, there's a mix of gut-wrenching one-liners and borderline incomprehensible yet evocative poetry. The latter may be the result of an extensive collaboration with Julian Casablancas, who helped produce a small part of the album and also features in the chorus of the (co-written) banger Lies Of The Future, second single off the album and penultimate track. "The lies of the future/lie in the past/we've known that forever/we know it won't last" screams Casablancas over the loud double guitar of Turner and Cook and Helders' thunderous drums. If that won't make you want to scream and jump out of your lungs, there may be something wrong with you. When your last album opened with "I just wanted to be one of the Strokes" and Casablancas is in the studio singing with you on the following LP, you've hit a new high that few other forms of praise can reach. There's also room for good ole' love songs. It's undeniable that Turner is madly in love with girlfriend Louise Verneuil, so much so that the bridge of track #9, Like a Moonlit Billow, is sung in French. It's unclear whether Verneuil herself features, as she's not credited. But you can hear a second, feminine voice in the very EYCTE -meets- Four Out Of Five -like track. You will also hear the occasional political comment here and there, most often with metaphors ("The jungle king ain't menacing/if you know who runs the zoo/Your ticket is not valid anymore"), but the core of it is still about personal life. Whereas the Strokes told us about the new abnormal, the new Monkeys are all about the new normal. It's just that maybe, from someone else's perspective, things do look different. And that's exactly what Turner, who's acutely aware of this, plays on. It's as if he was saying "My life is different from yours" — but he doesn't say that to brag. He's just saying "I have a new story to tell, and if you want to listen to it you're very welcome to come aboard". The best example of this is probably track #4, Ladies Center, Men Sashay (which is also the first single): In the story, Turner is talking to a girl at a party while dancing. He thinks she knows who he is, but she doesn't give it away, and he's quite happy with that: "There will always be some quidnunc keen on talking to you" he sings, as the music's upbeat sound crescendoes and the characters seem to cavort more and more frantically on the dancefloor. "And they look good indeed", Turner whispers before the guitars explode — a nod you won't miss. In the end, we find that the girl did know all along, and when the truth is revealed, Turner is just fine with it. There's no mask to come off the mystery man; it's all part of the game. This track will make fans scream at concerts — it's what Whatever People Say I Am... Alex would've written if he could've experienced all of the following 15 years of his life for a few hours. And yeah, it's as good as it sounds. I won't spoil too much of the rest. (You can ask away if you want though, of course. ) Let's just focus on the opening and closing tracks before we go. Attention, Please is the tune that immediately establishes Turner's decision to stop fighting with who he has become. It's a symbolic opening that sets the theme for the rest quite well. Again, he's not bragging, but merely coming to terms with the reality of who he is: "I tried to adopt a more demotic style/and even my shadow looked at me in a sulk", he sings. The music itself is quite calm and doesn't start with a bang. It's by far the quietest song on the record, but there are some lovely sonic bits introduced here that you will hear again throughout the LP. It grows on you precisely because it's a perfect overture, an invite not to shuffle through a random playlist but to hit play and listen until the end. And, well, what an ending it is. Unbeknownst To Thought could be considered the Monekys' most ambitious track; not just for its mammoth, six-minute-plus duration, but because of the harmony of its complexity. There where, as said, many parts of the LP almost sound like them having fun without a clear purpose and mostly trying out new stuff, UTT manifestly shows that nothing is random — and that's not because of obsessive attention to detail, but, rather, experience. Even when experimenting and having fun, these guys learn fast. They know what they're doing, and the naturalness with which they play makes it feel as if they have been toying with those other instruments forever. It's the incredible point you get to after a long string of successes, where you allow yourself to throw everything at the proverbial wall, and then find out that most of it actually sticks. UTT feels like three tracks merged into one, and the way it works is just flawless. It starts off strong, with a meaty bass and drums combo — in a way which might remind fans of Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend or Do I Wanna Know?. O'Malley's bassline is particularly sharp and infectious. The second segment vaguely echoes songs like Black Treacle, leaving Turner room to show off his unbelievable singing skills. And then, as he rides off the mic, the whole band comes together in a spectacular, high-energy, bombastic coalescence of sound, the likes of which fans hadn't heard of since basically A Certain Romance. Oh, and what a joy it is to listen to all of them sing the final bits together. Remember "Get off the bandwagon and put down the handbook"? This is that, 100x. At this point, from the top of the hill, the sound is propagating all the way through Los Angeles and beyond. You can almost feel how much they're enjoying it. And when the music stops, they merrily get off the non-stage, leaving their instruments behind to grab a beer or two. They'll be back tomorrow. The album, Now That The Brume Is Gone, comes out... soon. Here's the full tracklist: 1. Attention, Please 2. Feelings in a Stockpile 3. Dusty Spectacles 4. Ladies Center, Men Sashay 5. A Moment of Unbridled Ambition 6. Knuckleduster Lullaby 7. That Was The Moment To Egress 8. Up The Irenic Rivulet 9. Like a Moonlit Billow 10. Legerdemain 11. Lies Of The Future 12. Unbeknownst To Thought ———... I hope you enjoyed this wild trip. If you've actually come this far, thank you. I've had a lot of fun conjuring all of this up. Now I want to hear from you! What do you say? ——— PS_ For all those wondering, I am in a self-imposed coronavirus quarantine. I am not sick myself but I have travelled home and would like my family (and hometown) not to get infected if I am indeed infected myself. Which means a lot of time to think about this stuff:D.

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Book 1 of The HEL Jumper [f]: [p]: [n]: ----- [Previous] [p] | [Book 2] [f] | [Next] [n] Thanks to Tulip, Big_Papa_Dakky, Mr_Polygon, txgunman65, Mamish, Vikairious, Sam Berry, ClarityAndVision, RedHawkdude, KillTech, LilLaussa, and 24 others currently supporting me on patreon. ----- "Alice? " MacGregor got her attention, waiting to see how the situation would unfold. She seemed to understand his concerns. Asha and Zolta looked on quietly with curious expressions. "Russell is here too. I'll be alright. I think it's best we show some trust, all things considered. I'll call for you when you come up? " She proposed, trying desperately to tamp down the swarm of butterflies in her chest and stomach while maintaining a composed outward appearance. "All the same I hope I don't come up. Center of attention seems to get knives thrown at em, " Lachlan reasoned. Alice chuckled shortly. "I presume you'll be wanting a place to sleep? " "Ah that's a fair point, lass. You go on then. I'll be here with these three furry companions, " he offered. "Yeah, alright then! " Alice agreed, turning her back to the shuttle and staring at the gates as she murmured to herself. "I'll just go meet with the council of raptor cats that love my brother like... a brother and could probably kill me with their toes. No sweat. What could go wrong?! No, let's not answer that…" Alice's private musings lasted the short trip to where her brother stood before the priests of the village, her boots kicking up small clouds of dust as she walked along the narrow strip of non-irrigated land. The little cub Russell had been tending took flight at seeing so many authority figures at once, leading his mother on a short chase past Alice and towards the shuttle, where MacGregor sat himself in the dirt and attempted to offer the little tyke a relatively nonthreatening option. Between the Marine, Veera, Zolta, and Asha, he was soon corralled and playing with Lachlan's impressive moustache, giving his mother a chance to catch up with him. The assembled priests all watched the proceedings closely while Russell shared a moment with his sister. "You good? " He asked simply, feeling as close to her as he’d ever been. “Ready to be a part of whatever all this is? ” "Yeah, I'll be alright, " she assured him, taking solace in his presence. "This is literally everything I've ever dreamed of, since first contact at least. " "Then I'll be at the shuttle if you need me. Io, is she good for translation? " 'Yes sir, we're in the clear, ' the AI assured him excitedly, projecting herself in an outfit to match Alice’s as a sign of solidarity. It only lasted a instant however, the AI picking up on Russell’s attitude and insistence that this be Alice’s time. "Thanks, Io. Good luck sis. " "Love you, bro, " Alice whispered, giving him a quick hug. He'd never been the over the shoulder type, but he'd been looking out for her from afar since they were teens. Her courage was bolstered as he turned from the gates, making it clear to the Cauthan that they should deal with his sister independently. "Yeah, you too, ” he called over his shoulder. “Don't keep them waiting. Ratha's a bitch but the rest are good people. Hell even she is, I guess. " With that confusing statement Russell walked off, letting Alice initiate her own entrance to village life as the swell of chatter and gossip grew behind the line of priests. Alice focused on the one that she knew, approaching Antoth and bowing politely. "Hmph, I guess this one has some manners, " Ratha muttered, earning herself Antoth's hand, and claws, on her shoulder. The towering Cauthan spoke diplomatically while he reined in his mate as tactfully as possible given the situation. "Alice Winters, I have presented the treaty with your people to my fellows here. We are tasked with the burden of guiding our people. And while there is understandable nervousness among us…" Antoth held up a hand as Alice made to speak. "We are cautiously optimistic that your presence will be beneficial to our village. There is much in this document that is…subject to interpretation. We open our gates to you as a gesture of goodwill and as an expectation that our kindness shall be returned. " "I... I see. Thank you all for your consideration, " Alice spoke clearly, allowing her A-MACS to translate for her. Relief spread through her as most of the Cauthan present nodded or ruffled their feathers in a similar fashion to what she'd seen from Veera once things had calmed on the Event Horizon. "My name is Alice Winters and it's an honor to make your acquaintance. I am Russell's older sister. " "Has he always been such an insufferable human? " Ratha demanded haughtily, resting a hand on her hip as her mate growled quietly. "Oh shut it, Antoth. You let him hug me. " "Would it surprise you to learn that he likes you more than most humans? " Alice asked nervously, watching as the elderly couple among the priests smiled widely and nodded to one another, their graying fur and slightly drooping jowls shifting to display what Alice hoped was humor and favor. That theory of cultural evolutionary convergence was already churning in her head at their subtle movements. Ratha did not seem pleased with her answer. "Why me? " Ratha demanded of the sky, tilting her head to regard the clouds above. "You've become dramatic now that you're with dramatic, " Antoth declared, swiftly moving his hand from Ratha's shoulder to her belt. "This is not a hunt, my mate. It is diplomacy. Keep your knife at your side and give this one a chance. She tore into Winters when he asked about her courtship. You would have approved. Now introduce yourself and do not dishonor our word. " Alice watched cautiously, playing with the sleeve of her jumpsuit as Ratha simmered in silent frustration. To her marginal relief it seemed more directed at Antoth than her. Eventually Ratha shoved his hand away from her knife and stared Alice down. "My name is Ratha, servant of Valta and mate of the priest of as he is, " she simpered with a coy glance Antoth's way. "So long as you respect the authority of the Huntress and don't go on any crazed hunts like and I will not have problems. " Alice nodded, knowing that said brother would absolutely escalate the situation if he were her. She opted to tilt her head deferentially instead, hoping to placate the grumpiest of the priests. "I should like to learn of Valta and your traditions; if you have time, of course, " she offered. Ratha looked her over keenly, as if searching for deception or weakness. Alice was reminded of a hawk. "Maybe later, " was all she would say on the matter, feeling the eyes of her fellows, her people, and Winters upon her. "Let's get on with this already. Seil is annoyingly warm today. " "Well if you would stop acting like she's her brother we'd be done by now! " Staroth boomed, stepping forward as Ratha shot him a death glare. "Alice Winters, it's a pleasure to meet you. Name's Staroth, village Guardian. Your brother was welcome among us under Antoth, and he remains so now that I've taken up the mantle of Uthos. You're welcome in the barracks at any time. If you’re his kin, there’s a place for you. " Alice glanced around in stunned silence, temporarily shaken by the abrupt reversal in mood. "I…thank you very much, Staroth. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that my brother found his way into your world, should I? Can I ask you a question? " Alice ventured, sensing an ease and casual friendliness about the Guardian that she did not feel around the impenetrable bulwark that was Antoth. "Yeah, course! That's why you're here isn't it? You don’t seem like the conquering type, " Staroth laughed before turning on his heel with surprising speed. "Gael, Rakis, save it for the festival you stone for brains! Pardon me, Alice. You didn't hear that, did you? " "Uhh…I'm sorry? " Alice responded with a shrug, guessing that her hearing, the language barrier, or both had led to her missing something. Staroth shook his head like a father watching his sons do something incredibly stupid that he nevertheless intended to allow them to see through. "Nah, probably for the best. Bunch of young boys with mating on the brain, wanting to know if your fur is soft. I'll drill them hard tonight, don’t you fret. So Alice, you had a question? " Staroth continued, seemingly unconcerned with most anything. "Yes, actually. Is there a prescribed manner in which a female should greet a male in public? I wouldn't want to offend you and I wasn't sure if it would be proper to shake your hand, " Alice explained her hesitation. Staroth brought his hand to his chin as Gentia chuckled and cooed about 'how polite the sister was'. "Well you don't really have feathers, do you? All that fur up top, can you move it? " Staroth asked curiously. Alice laughed and shook her head back and forth, kicking her loosely tied ponytail about. A handful of Cauthan behind them spoke animatedly about the length of Alice’s black mane of hair. "No sir, not intentionally. " "Ha! Don't ever call me sir again. Reminds me of being old. So show me a handshake then, eh? Don't think I've ever done such a thing with your brother. He enjoys scale bashing far too much! " The guard said with overbearing friendliness. Alice held out her hand, palm rotated slightly upward. Staroth measured her closely for a moment, eventually holding out his own paw and looking Alice in the eye for confirmation. He was only a couple inches taller than her and his brown eyes were quite amicable. She nodded, prompting the captain to turn his head and regard two of his younger charges. "Ha ha. " Uproarious joviality rose from the assembled guardsmen as Staroth took Alice's hand in a strong shake, the two of them squeezing harder until a firm pressure was established and the gesture explained. Alice flashed her teeth in a wide smile as her brother laughed from a distance. "A pleasure to meet you, Staroth. I will certainly be taking you up on that offer to visit the barracks and learn more about your ways. " "You let go of her this instant, you lech! " A female Cauthan called from the crowd. "Now now, fluff of my life, I'm just conducting diplomacy with this human! " Staroth called with overemphasized innocence. "Diplomacy my tail! I know she's female! " "Did I mention I love my mate very much? Go on now, Alice. I'm sure we'll meet again, " Staroth encouraged, incapable of fearing a smooth and soft being like a female human when he had arms and armor. The male that Alice had brought with her was another story, but he'd deal with that later. The next priest stepped forward. "I guess it's my turn then? A pleasure to meet you, Alice. I can see you've already met one of my charges. " Alice took a couple paces down the line from Staroth to greet an elegant, blonde furred Cauthan who reminded her of an ermine. She had radiant blue eyes and sandy colored feathers, and was dressed easily the best of all the assembled priests. Unlike most of her fellow villagers who wore leather or fur, the Cauthan before her sported a fetching woven garment that Alice assumed was made of some sort of plant fiber. She'd not seen any animals that could be sheared since landing. The dress was not particularly detailed, but the dull white fabric was expertly tailored to her body. It lent the priestess an air of sophistication that was rather unique. "My name is Alyra, and I serve the Twins. " "It's a pleasure to meet you, Alyra. I love your dress; it's quite beautiful. So Asha is one of yours? I've only seen a dress like that on her so far! " Alice deduced, holding out her hand tentatively to the other female. "Hmm, a keen eye on you as well? We'll have to have you stop by sometime and change out of is, " Alyra turned up her nose at Alice's jumpsuit, marveling at how the human's cheeks suddenly flushed red. "Look we all have to wear them on board the ship, alright? " Alice muttered, still awkwardly holding out her hand as her outfit was scrutinized. Alyra waved her off. "Well you're not on Is that it? You're not there anymore, are you? " Alyra insisted, using the closest word she had. "So there. We'll have you looking the part in no time. Oh, and save your hand for the males. You have no feathers but there's nothing preventing us from using the customary human greeting your brother partakes in. " "Wait, he does wha-!? " Alice yelped as Alyra stepped forward and embraced her, eliciting a hoot from Staroth as she tried to figure out how much of the Cauthan she was allowed to touch. In the end Alice opted to not rock the boat any further, gently applying pressure with her arms to Alyra's upper back. She signified that she accepted the hug, while indulging in the brief contact of the priestess' fur on her cheek. "Is something the matter, Alice? You appear to be changing colors, " Alyra observed with genuine concern as Alice’s blush deepened. The human shook her head vigorously, wondering how to explain a flush of the cheek to an alien with no visible cheeks to flush. 'If I may, my friends? ' Io suddenly cut in, appearing at Alice's wrist. 'If she had feathers it would look something like this, Alyra. ' The Cauthan and human watched closely as Io shifted forms and waved the feathers of her avatar in a pattern that implied both embarrassment and excitement. "Ah, I see now. How very strange. And yet here I am wishing I could change my fur color! " Alyra replied animatedly. "I do apologize, Alice. You just have no tail for that matter. " The human smiled bashfully as Alyra flicked her slim, white tipped tail back and forth for emphasis. "That's quite alright. I was just surprised to be greeted in such a friendly manner! And why don't you just dye your fur? " Alice suggested. "Surely you have pigments? " "Oh Alice, you do not want that fat, oil, and dirt all over your fur. You'd look a mess. The Twins might enjoy such a scene though, " Alyra considered with a twinkle in her eyes. "And who are the Twins, if I may ask? " "Eiur and Auril, the two moons that scamper about the night skies and play among the stars. They are tricksters and patrons of the arts, " Alyra explained, bringing a claw to her chin. "Now Alice, what is with that look, hmm? You have so many little movements on your face it's hard to keep track of. " "They like pranks and tricks? " Alice asked eagerly. "Why, did you have something in mind? " Alyra whispered with a flaring of her feathers. Alice leaned closer with her suggestion. "You find me something that looks better than this accursed jumpsuit and I'll see what I can do about changing your fur color! Temporarily of course. " "You jest! " "Maybe! " Alice replied coyly, hopping back a pace and standing fully upright. Her guts were practically turning inside out with nerves. I don’t want to overstep anything, but they’re all so friendly! "Maybe not. Wouldn't want to offend the Twins by being so blunt? " Alice ventured. "Sorry, Antoth. " "Oh brother, she's got you dead to rights! " The burly Cauthan who had been waiting patiently next to Alyra finally piped up, reaching to clap Antoth on the shoulder. "I think the two of you ladies have had enough fun; and unlike your brother you'll probably be making more visits to Alyra's temple than mine. Name's Nerazek, forge master and high priest of Tyrdus, the Smith. We're the ones who make all the useful things around town, " Zolta's master added with a terribly unsubtle look at Alyra. The priestess took it in stride. "Were it not for our trading you would have no metal to work with, Nerazek. Try not to get too big for your scales now. " "Big words from the pretty girl, " he laughed. "I am a pretty girl, " Alyra agreed, holding her head high and preening her feathers. Alice nodded with wide eyes, hoping not to offend anyone as she injected herself into what sounded like playful inter-temple banter. The details would have to be teased out at a later time. "I think you're quite pretty, " she whispered. "See, forge master? The human agrees! " "And how many times has her brother stepped foot in your temple, hmm? " Nerazek countered. "That's what I thought! Alice, pleasure to meet you and if you need anything fixed up, carved, forged or otherwise made, my temple's the place to go. You pay in metal like that, " he proposed, pointing to the shuttle. "And we won't have any problems at all. " "Ah... I'm a bit short on Grizzly class shuttles at the moment and I don't think pilot Cromwell is selling hers. Do you accept other payment? " Alice requested with a warm tone. "Anything of value! " The forge master assured her. She nodded and held her hand out, analysis continuing within her mind. So a barter system... "Then I look forward to visiting your temple! " "Quite so! Yes I believe we should do this shaking thing. Alyra has a mind of her own. " "We are both female. There is no problem, " the priestess insisted. "Yeah yeah, as you say. And don't worry Alice, the scales don't hurt! " Nerazek chortled as she took his hand. Alice hadn't considered it much in her interactions with Staroth or Antoth, but she took some time to get acquainted with the fine, small scales on the top of the smith's paw and fingers. Many of them were actually smoother than his calloused pads, and they blended seamlessly with the fine fur on the sides and bottoms of his digits. Oh I could spend a day just looking at their hands! Alice exclaimed internally. Ok that's really weird now that I say it out loud…well not really out loud. Anyway, time to meet the last two. You're almost there, Alice! "No, they don't. Thank you for the kind welcome, sir, " Alice concluded. "It's my pleasure. Welcome to our village. And watch out for her, " Nerazek insisted, pointing not to Alyra, as Alice expected, but to the short, elderly female next to him. He received a whap of her cane to the back of his leg in reply. "See what I mean? " "Don't listen to him, dear. He's breathed in too many fumes at that forge lately. My name is Gentia. I serve Meylith, the Mother and patron of hearth and home. It is so good to meet you. Could you ask your brother to come here a moment, please? " Alice was briefly taken aback by the elder's request but she certainly wasn't about to deny something so reasonable. "Hey Russell, Gentia wants to speak to you! " She called, watching as her armored sibling shrugged his shoulders and ambled over. "What's going on Genti- hey! Cut that out! " He ordered as Gentia lit into him with her walking stick the moment he was in range. "And when were you planning on telling me about your family, hmm? About this wonderful sister of yours who's polite and easy to look at? " Gentia demanded, the customary light in her eyes as Alice utterly failed at keeping her mirth contained within her chest. "Mercy for my brother, please! He was never trained to fight off angry old women with canes! " "Hmph, if you insist young one. Go on now, Winters. You go play while I speak with your sister, " Gentia advised happily as though she'd not just assaulted him. He looked down at her seriously. "You're gonna need a longer cane next time, " he advised before tearing off for the shuttle and out of Gentia's range. The old priestess looked up at Alice "He's a good lad, saved many lives. Hers most of all, " Gentia told the human as she pointed at Veera. The weight of emotion in Gentia's voice was such that the smile was wiped from Alice's face, leaving her to contemplate the many unknowns in the tale of her brother and his mate. "You will be welcome in my temple as his family, and I hope you can aid us as he has. We aren't out of the woods yet, so to speak. " "Is there something you need help with? " Alice asked, opening her hands in offering. "Another time, my dear. That sort of talk is not for such an occasion. This should be a festive moment. " "Yes, well in that case thank you very much for meeting me. The sun is not too bad? We could move into the shade or-" "Oh perish the thought, dear. Felen has blessed us with ample clouds today and neither my mate nor I are pregnant. " "Gentia…" Ratha growled. "Meylith bless you, Ratha. You have yet to visit me regarding your cub, " Gentia raised her voice, completing the image in Alice's mind of a pint sized midwife with a full sized attitude. "I'm fine! " "This cycle or I'll come visit you and make sure Antoth watches! " Gentia sang, her words spurring Ratha to face Antoth and slam her fist against his solid chest. "You did this to me! " She screeched before kissing Antoth the way only she could, leaving Alice rooted to the spot and Antoth looking at his wife with exasperation. "Ratha-" "I said hello. I'll kill her if she hurts anyone. I'm going home! " The Huntress declared, spinning on her heel and departing the gate. No one dared block her path. "She will be a wonderful mother someday, " Gentia declared, watching as Ratha's proud tail finally disappeared past the crowds. "I'll take you word for it. You've probably seen many more mothers than I have, " Alice said. "Such is my joy and my duty, " Gentia agreed, hugging Alice briefly around the waist due to her short stature. "One that I share with my mate. Thantis? " "Oh, of course, yes. Why I remember just under a year ago speaking with your brother at this very gate, " the wizened priest informed her, gazing up into the skies. "Who are you, I asked him. Where did you come from? What is your purpose? Ah, so many questions there were and so many left unanswered. But I am forever grateful to have seen him in my twilight years. Such a momentous end to a long life. " "Oh stop it, you. We have many years left, " Gentia insisted with love in her voice born of decades shared. "Now introduce yourself, priest of Kel. " "Indeed! Where are my manners? I do apologize, " Thantis said, suddenly aware and alert instead of wistful and distant. He adjusted his cane and looked up at Alice. "Miss Alice, my name is Thantis. I serve Kel, lord of winter, death, knowledge, and He who keeps the balance. It is a pleasure to meet you. " "You're him, the death priest?! " Alice demanded excitedly as she extended her hand, shaking Thantis' gently. "My brother told me you're a scholar and keeper of knowledge. I am too! Will you teach me of you people and history?! " "Well what do you know? She likes you best! " Gentia provided with a smirk. "I do have one condition technically two, " Thantis replied warmly, taking a moment to contemplate her hand in his palm. "On second thought, can I make it three? " "Start with one, my love, " Gentia advised with a flutter of her aging feathers. "Sure, Thantis. Give and take right? " Alice suggested in reply. The priests assembled nodded in agreement. The human didn't miss the gesture. "Yes well, first could I study your hand? " Thantis requested. Gentia tittered delightfully while Antoth groaned and wondered how introductions had somehow turned into anatomy lessons. He blamed their familiarity with Alice's brother and her similarities to him. "Sure. Humans are quite comfortable with such things. What else? " "Will you join me for tea so that I might finally satisfy my curiosity with yptians of yours? Is that the word? I wrote it down somewhere… "Gods with animal heads, mummification, stone tombs? " Alice asked, wondering if she's heard right. The upturn of Thantis' lips made it clear she had. "Yes yes, that's them! " He exclaimed. Alice beamed at him. "I'd love to, Thantis. Just wait until you hear about the Greeks. And the last? " She inquired, her brows furrowing as Thantis suddenly adopted a serious expression and posture. "I would ask that you make an effort to befriend my young apprentice. Much light has been stolen from his life. I hope that new knowledge might rekindle it. " "I…" Alice paused, looking left to Antoth and the others. All of them seemed to understand what Thantis was speaking of. "I am here to learn and to listen. I would be happy to speak with him, " she agreed, feeling a cool breeze pass over her head as a cloud rolled past the sun above. "Then you have my thanks. Please visit soon! We are at the other end of the village by the east gate, " the death priest explained. "Oh Ratha, I thought you were leaving us? " "Yeah I forgot something, " the Huntress replied without care. "You lot seem done, finally. Antoth, where the heck are you going to put her? " "We were just getting to that, " Antoth said accusingly. "Which you would know if you'd not stomped off. Alice, if you could summon your companion please? We must discuss your lodgings so long as none among us have objections? " "A moment if you would? " Staroth requested, much to Antoth's surprise. The sun priest quickly hummed in understanding once the Guardian explained himself. "Alice, can we trust the other human? The warrior, who is he to you? " Alice had anticipated such a question. She didn't hold the weapons. "He's a dear friend and someone who volunteered to come down here with me to keep me safe and assist with my work. We promised your people protection in the treaty. You can consider him a first line of defense, so to speak. His armor has the ability to communicate with our home ship high above us, and he's well trained in the art of war. Most importantly, I've been around him for about half a year now and I've never known him to be anything but a kind man with a strong sense of duty. I guess he's a bit like my brother in that way, but with less edge. " "Good, I almost cut myself on Winters', " Ratha chuckled under her breath. "Satisfied, Staroth? " "I'd like him to train with my men at some point, get him used to them if he's going to fight with us. But yes, regarding admittance to the village I am in favor. Alice, if you would? " With greetings completed and her mind positively humming with ideas, Alice turned and walked over to the shuttle, briefly explaining to Lachlan and the others what had been discussed to that point. The Scotsman, eager to show a comforting side to the villagers, stood with Sentaura's son in his arms. He let the young, curious boy continue to tap against his armor and run his claws along the ballistic fiber protecting his joints. "You're a curious little guy, aren't ye? " He asked as the cub’s mother followed at his side. 'You will find that curiosity is a defining trait of the species at large, ' Io opined using their various earpieces. 'Splendid job so far, Alice. You've gotten into none of the fights your brother did on his first day! ' "Io, you can't just dangle that out in front of us and not deliver! " Alice insisted hotly as the young Cauthan noticed her hair and reached for it instead, pulling on her ponytail and forcing Alice to suddenly bump into Lachlan or suffer. "Oh no no no no! Please stop, little guy! " "Woah, hey there young man! Ya can't be touching a lass like that. You gotta be gentle with beautiful things, " the Marine insisted, slowly prying the Cauthan’s fingers away from Alice’s hair. "Oh stow it, Lachlan! They already saw me blushing! " She squealed. "Begging your pardon, Alice, " the Marine winked at her as Sentaura reprimanded her son. "Ursol, what have I told you about feathers? " She asked in a stern voice. "'t pull? " Little Ursol replied. "That's right, sweetheart. This human's fur is like feathers. Do you understand? " "So…no pull fur? " "Very good, " his mother praised him as he refocused on Lachlan's equipment. The Marine met her eyes. "He's a wee, sharp lad, isn't he? " "He gets it from his father, " was all she would say. Their time was up anyway, with Lachlan suddenly feeling sweat on the back of his neck as every Cauthan high priest scrutinized him as he held one of their treasured young. " o' the morning to y'all! It is morning 't it? " He asked, gauging the position of the star above. "Afternoon, " Antoth clarified. "Huh, well is that right? " "Another time, Private. We must discuss where you two will be staying when you are with us. There are some complications that must be considered, " the sun priest continued. "Last winter our village suffered fire. " "I'm sorry to hear that, " Alice replied without inquiring further. Antoth nodded curtly her way. "Thank you. As things stand several families remain without homes, and others have had to relocate to…" "The blockhouses. They're poor now. It sucks. At least we have enough food. Just get on with it, " Ratha urged with acid in her voice. "I suppose my mate is right. It's not like we can hide the situation and perhaps you humans will have a solution? In any case, I cannot in good conscience place you in one of the newly constructed homes in the temple district while my own people still recover. " "I don't think that's a problem, " Alice offered tentatively. "I'm sure that anywhere you have available will be more than enough. I can request any furnishings or gear I need from the Event Horizon. Same with Lachlan. " When the Marine bobbed his head in affirmation of Alice's perspective, Antoth bowed to them both. "Meylith forgive me for treating you in such a way but thank you, Alice. There is a single unit available in the blockhouses. It was built for one, and rests adjacent to the east gate. Thantis and Gentia have their temples just to the south and the young couple you already met, Zolta and Asha, live in that quarter. I will personally ensure that you have what you need to remain here comfortably. " "Well that's mighty kind of ye, Antoth. Thank you. What is it? " Lachlan asked as many eyes suddenly turned his way with suspicion. "Are you mated to Alice, young man? " Gentia asked like a cat eyeing a canary. "No, no I'm not, " the Marine replied unconcernedly, wondering where the conversation was headed as Alice mouthed 'I'm sorry' at him. "Then I'm afraid we must insist that you stay elsewhere, " Gentia informed him. "It would be most improper for a man and woman, unmated, to share a roof and bed in such a way. " Neither Lachlan nor Alice were about to argue with Gentia on that point. Such customs were not so alien to human history and they both knew well that breaking taboo around relationships was not something that would behoove them on their first day. Instead the humans looked at one another curiously, questioning silently what they were going to do. There didn't seem to be room at the inn. "Then he will stay with me. " "Sentaura, I forbid it! " Ratha replied strongly. "Such a thing is-" "Ratha, " the hunter's widow stopped her. "You have done more for me and my son than I can ever repay you for. " "Nonsense! I know you're working the fields this year. You shouldn't! I take care of my own! " The Huntress insisted. Sentaura waved her feathers in understanding but carried on politely. "That home is too large for just a female and cub. It would dishonor me and Lady Meylith if such space were wasted. " "But-! " Sentaura looked sadly at the forest. "I have had my time, Ratha. I knew love, courtship, motherhood. I was bonded in the sight of the Mother. I am not like this young human maiden, and he and I are not even of the same species. There is no shame in what I have suggested. If they are here to help us then let me help them. " Ratha looked first to her husband, then to Gentia. Her face was contorted in worry and sorrow. " don't have to do this. " "I know, Huntress. It would be an honor to aid our people in such a way. High priest, please allow this human to stay with us. " "Antoth, you cannot! Look at what Winters did to Veera! " " that concern for the 'mutt' I heard in your voice? " Antoth growled pleasingly, his voice like velvet. "You are a vile, unrepentant-" "Father of your, " Antoth cut her off softly. "Ratha, there is no suitable alternative. What else would you have me do? Have him sleep with the shen? Sentaura remains mated in the eyes of the goddess until she chooses otherwise. We stand to gain from their presence here. When more homes are rebuilt this will not be an issue. " Outnumbered and failing, Ratha approached the wife of one of her missing and took her by the shoulders. "He touches you, even one feather, you come to me. Understand? " She pleaded. "As you say, Huntress. Thank you for this chance to serve the village. " With that Ratha made for her temple, unwilling and unable to play at diplomacy and tact any longer. Antoth sighed as she left but refused to speak poorly of his mate outside of her presence. "I suppose that settles it then. Private MacGregor, is this arrangement suitable to you? I know you humans are a bit more... flexible regarding the mixing of the sexes. " MacGregor took a moment to regard the tyke in his arms as well as his mother. “If that’s the arrangement you all think is best, I’ll be lodging no complaints. Just try and go easy on my moustache, would ya little guy? ” “Stache! Strache! ” Ursol repeated the word, reaching for the Marine’s facial hair again. “No no, dear. We do not use our claws with friends. Fingers only for touching and only in good places. Do you understand me? ” Sentaura scolded him politely. “Yes mamma! ” “Well would ya look at him? Well behaved lad and speakin’ English already! Gotta say Alice, I like these aliens a bit better’n the Ghaelen. Don’t tell yer buddy I said so, ” Mac made a show of sharing secrets to try to break the tension. “Miss Sentaura, I thank ya kindly for your hospitality. ” “Mmm, resolution at last, ” Antoth murmured. “Any further concerns? ” He demanded of his fellows. When there were none the various priests bowed and returned to the village, resulting in the dispersal of the crowd as word immediately began to skip from lip to lip about the newest aliens who had come in peace. Each spiritual leader soon found themselves surrounded by curious villagers. “Kaha, if you would? ” “You have need of me, sir? ” The sun guard called, marching up to Antoth from where he’d been standing amongst the people of the village. “I do. Kaha this is Alice, the sister of Winters. Well technically they are both Winters, but I know you refer to him in that manner. This other human you wouldn’t mind, Private? ” Antoth requested. “Lachlan MacGregor, at your service. That’s some fine armor you’ve got yerself there, ” the Scotsman greeted Kaha, looking over the finely crafted ornamental fixtures on the sun guard's mostly leather armor. “I know not what to say about yours, human. I suspect it will prove more durable than mine. What orders, Antoth? ” “Please assist Miss Winters with any belongings or equipment that she needs carried. We will be allowing her to stay in the open room near the eastern gate, ” Antoth explained. “Of course, sir! Alice Winters are you finished here? ” Kaha requested, eager to be of service to a sun priest who, by and large, was the complete opposite of Vash and sought to do everything himself. “Yes. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kaha. Let me show you to my things. It should only be a comms array or two…” As the human woman and strapping Cauthan sun guard walked off to the shuttle, Lachlan finally handed Ursol over to his mother. “Would ya give me just a moment, please? ” He requested. She flared her feathers and responded affirmatively. “Thank you, miss. Antoth, I’ll be informing the Admiral of the situation down here. He’ll probably be wanting to set up a shuttle and orbital schedule once he knows we’re settled in and not in any trouble. ” “I will request that Alice explain what you just said to me at a later time, ” Antoth replied with a hint of annoyance. “Sentaura, please come find Ratha or myself if there are any issues at all. In the meantime I’m sure half the Cauthan in the village wish to speak with me. Good day to you, Private. ” “ you, Antoth! ” Mac called after him, more than a bit stunned to have been left at the gates with what amounted to an open invitation. He shrugged his shoulders and activated the link between his armor and the bridge of the Event Horizon. “Admiral, are ye there? ” A loud yawn greeted him. “I’m sure it must be quite exciting down there, but do you have any idea what time it is up here? ” Kaczynski requested. “What news, Private? ” “Sir, Alice and I have secured a place to stay and admittance to the village. Quaint little thing it is. We’ll be settin’ up comms and then taking a nap if it’s all the same ta you? I’m sure we’ll need a couple things from the fabricators here and there but that’ll take a bit of time ta tease out. ” “Hmm, very good. And the First Lieutenant? ” Natori inquired seriously. “He looks right as rain now that he’s back planetside, sir. ” “I see, ” was all Natori had to say on the matter. “Very well, Private. In order to lessen the draws on the drive core we will establish an orbital period of five hours and fifteen minutes or so. That should ensure a shuttle window of close to an hour four times per Maran day. As you establish yourselves down there we can adjust as needed. We have already set up an orbital communications relay system, so you should be able to reach us no matter where we are relative to the village. Oh, and do send pilot Cromwell back up when you’re done, would you? She could use a rest most of all, I presume. ” “Aye aye, sir. I’ll be doin’ that posthaste. Wouldn't want her usin’ more than one stim patch. Thank ya again for this opportunity. The locals have been real friendly, sir. ” “That’s wonderful to hear, Private. We shall speak again soon. Kaczynski out. ” Having touched base with the Event Horizon, MacGregor turned and held up a gloved finger, spinning it a couple times so that Cromwell knew she could start preparing for her ascent. Russell and Veera had already unloaded the spare components and batteries for Io’s operation as well as much of the electronic gear brought by Alice. That left his couple of duffels and bedroll. “Miss Sentaura, do ya think you could be showin’ me to your home? I…” Mac had to take a pause to yawn prominently into the back of his hand. His helmet’s optics indicated it was almost four in the morning aboard the ship. “As ya can see it’s been a while since I last slept. ” When his words were translated, Ursol looked curiously at his mother, wondering if he understood the situation. At the age of four, the idea of an entertaining individual like MacGregor staying over at home was quite intriguing. The boy’s mother signaled with her feathers again, hoping that with time their new guests might pick up on Cauthan habits. “Of course. Do gather your things and I’ll show you the way. And what shall I call you, human? ” “Lachlan is just fine, miss. ” “I see. Very well, Lachlan, ” Sentaura replied, her soft accent flowing around his name like a stream. “Welcome to our village. ” ----- [Previous] [p] | [First] [f] | [Next] [n] | [Patreon] y ----- Own The HEL Jumper: Survive in the format of your choice: [hardcover] () | [paperback] () | [epub] () | [Amazon Kindle] ().
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