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Year 2013; scores 1126220 votes; ; Ratings 8,3 / 10; Story The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Margot Robbie. Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stock-broker living the high life to his fall involving crime; casts Matthew McConaughey


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WitHout Membership The Wolf of Wall Watch The Wolf of Wall Street full movie camrip Watch The Wol"f. of Wall Street Online Melty. The Wolf of Wall Street OnLinE free 2020... Part 1 The Wolf of Wall Street The Wolf of OnLinE. Genius! Best film I have seen all year. Leonardo Di Caprio plays a magnificent roll in the quirky, hilarious, perfectly stupendous Wolf of Wall street. Wolf of Wall Street has had a lot of praise and this will continue as the Oscars approach and are awarded. Personally I enjoyed the film as a funny true story delivered with energy. because the first 2 hours and a bit of this film is really engaging and enchanting in how much of a rush it gives you, how enticing it is and just how much vibrant energy it all has. The viewer is swept along and I guess to a point this is the film doing its job well because not only are we being told a story but we are first hand seeing how easy it is to get caught up in the grab for success, for money, for status. In this regard the film works really well because throughout the film I really was glad to be part of it and wanted it for myself.

I watched the DVD 3 times. The 1st time I was shocked and appalled by the language and missed details, which necessitated watching it a 2nd time. Then, accustomed to the f* word, I watched it a 3rd time to pay close attention to DiCaprio's performance, and to the characters who most interested me, FBI agent Denham and Mad Max, Belfort's father, both of whom provided the moral counterpoints. And, Yes, the gratuitous displays of hedonism and depravity are necessary for this morality tale. Scorcese, in an interview, said that Belfort's story depicts our culture. I agree. Our culture has been on a downhill slide for 5 decades and his film depicts one of the most egregious results - vultures run amok - of this decline.
Re DiCaprio's acting performance. how is it that he did not receive an Oscar as best actor? McConaughey, best actor winner, was in "Wolf" and was excellent in his 15 minutes, but DiCaprio was excellent in his 180 minute performance. I did not see "Dallas" nor will I, but I suspect that Hollywood voters were in love with the subject matter and the impressive fact that McConaughey lost 47 pounds for the role and they voted accordingly.







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