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resume - Yip Man 4 is a movie starring Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, and Kwok-Kwan Chan. The Kung Fu master travels to the U.S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school

Year - 2019

Average Rating - 7,9 / 10 star


Star - Donnie Yen

Streaming Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019) Online | TV Shows & Movies Register E-mail We'll never share your email with anyone else. Password Forgot Password? Reset Password Enter your e-mail address and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Email Back to log in Streaming Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019): Online Following the death of his wife, Ip Man travels to San Francisco to ease tensions between the local kung fu masters and his star student, Bruce Lee, while searching for a better future for his son. Released: Dec 20, 2019 Runtime: 105 minutes Genre: Action, Drama, History Stars: Donnie Yen, Wu Yue, Vanness Wu, Scott Adkins, Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan, Vanda Lee, Karena Ng, Kent Cheng, Ngo Ka-nin, Lynn Hung, Lo Meng Director: Mandarin Motion Pictures Limited, Shanghai Bona Download: MKV 360p GD2 | CU | GD1 | ZS | RC 480p 720p 1080p Download: MP4 MP4HD FULLHD GD2 | CU | GD1 | ZS | RC.


Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot. Ip Man 4 is an upcoming Hong Kong biographical martial arts film directed by Wilson Yip and produced by Raymond Wong. It is the fourth in the Ip Man film series based on the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster of the same name and features Donnie Yen reprising the role. The film began production in April 2018 and ended in July the same year. Genre: Action, Biography, Drama Actor: Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan, Donnie Yen, Karena Ng, Kent Cheng, Ngo Ka-nin, Scott Adkins, Vanda Lee, Vanness Wu, Wu Yue Director: Yuen Woo-ping Country: China, Hong Kong Duration: 105 min Quality: HD Release: 2019 IMDb: N/A.

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