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creators Michael Winterbottom; ratings 6 of 10 Stars; 104Minute; summary Satire about the world of the super-rich; actors Sophie Cookson; Release year 2019. Greed movie online. Movie Online greedy. Free movie online greed. Movie Online green day. Movies online greek subs free 1917. Greedy movie online. Movie online greed 2019. Movie Online green apple. Movies online greek subs. Movie Online greenpeace.

Greed korean movie online. Movie Online green bay. Movie Online greed. Movie online greedy. Greedy movie online free. Themes of greed, wealth, excess are central, though the comedy doesn't skewer hard enough to make a point, and comeuppance comes very late. Statistics about realities of third-world factories, refugees, and sexism are hard-hitting and poignant but don't really do much other than mop up for a film without a clear message. Positive Role Models & Representations Lead character cheats, gambles, manipulates his way to the top, bullies and belittles those around him. Some characters disapprove of his behavior, but most are happy to profit from it. One employee shows signs of a conscience but later commits a terrible act of her own. Prejudice against Syrian refugees, racist jokes about Bulgarian workforce, women are often treated as trophies. A lion mauls a man to death; lots of blood and detached limbs. Mention of death -- both a father and mother -- and scenes involving funerals. A fire in a factory results in off-screen deaths; covered bodies are carried out on stretchers. Refugees are treated badly and seen scared and crying. A school child is spanked with a cane. Brief fight with punches thrown. Abortion is referenced in a joke. Kissing, straddling, mention of erectile issues, implied talk of oral sex, jokes about sexual harassment and sex with a minor. Extremely frequent/strong language includes "f--k, " "s--t, " "bitch, " "bloody, " "ass, " "twat, " "bugger, " "git, " "a--hole, " "bellend, " "pr--k, " and "c--t. " Film centers on fashion industry and mentions brands including Zara and H&M, as well as many fictional brands. Capitalism is at heart of the film; characters value wealth and glamour above all else. Celebrities are discussed in terms of value. It's implied that anything can be bought -- from mega-yachts to beautiful views. Drinking, Drugs & Smoking Characters drink champagne and wine regularly, though they're never seen to be drunk. Drugs are mentioned -- including cocaine, crack, ecstasy, MDMA -- and cocaine is used, as well as fed to an animal.


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